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Cogo wins Emerging Startups Award 2021

What a great way to end the week 🚀 Cogo has been handpicked in Tracxn’s Emerging Awards, where they recognise the top companies in Online Rental from across the globe. We’re proud to be awarded a Minicorn-status and recognised amongst the leading tech startups in the mobility industry 🏆

We're in great company, see the full list of all the amazing companies here:

About the award

The Emerging Startup Series comprises of Unicorns - companies with over $1 billion valuation, Soonicorns - companies with high valuation and good chances of soon becoming Unicorns, and Minicorns - early-stage companies that have the potential to be Unicorns in the long term.

Tracxn Emerging Startups provides a handpicked selection of high growth and high potential companies, founded since 2013, that are making an impact in the new-age sectors. The shortlisting is based on a combination of multiple publicly available signals and detailed analysis of the company by our internal sector specialist teams. The companies that make the cut are the ones that show promising performance on multiple parameters - market size, investment by marquee investors, execution excellence and future growth prospects.


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